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Le prix du GrabCoinClub est actuellement de €0.0001085€ avec un marketcap de€151,535. Le prix à changé de 2.10% en haut dans les dernières 24h

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    GrabCoinClub (GC)
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Grabcoinclub Crypto: Le Guide 2024

What is GrabCoinClub?GrabCoinClub is a role playing game in the metaverse (MRPG) with tokenomics based on the Polygon blockchain network. It combines economic strategy with 3D shooter, RPG and space simulator. Ownership of gaming assets is secured by NFT and SFT tokens. The local currency is a utility GC token. In the future, project management will be transferred to the DAO.What makes GrabCoinClub different?We are making the Metaverse called MetaMind and the game under the name of GrabCoinClub in this Metaverse - they are different but inextricably intertwined developments. By doing this, we are trying to formulate new definitions in the Web3 sphere and to set the standards for the industry of metaverses.What is utility of GC tokens?GC tokens are ERC-20 standard tokens intended to become the main in-game currency of GrabCoinClub.Users will be rewarded with GC tokens, just like with existing in-game currencies, while playing the game, but unlike existing currencies, GC will be scarce and available for exchange.Real digital property is an important foundation for the future but to truly change the world of computer entertainment and gaming, it must be combined with a sustainable Play-to-Earn system.GC tokens are the key to realizing this, providing the foundation for a digital economy that will allow players to earn money in the game, creating a steady demand for the token and developing GrabCoinClub, attracting more and more users to the system.

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