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Le prix du Swop est actuellement de €0.02586€ avec un marketcap de€93,970. Le prix à changé de 2.84% en haut dans les dernières 24h

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Low 24H: €0.02460 High 24H: €0.02828

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    Swop (SWOP)
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    3.63 M SWOP
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Swop Crypto: Le Guide 2024

Swop.fi is an automated market maker (AMM) that offers different pricing formulas that are most suitable for each specific token pair. The original Flat formula is designed to reduce slippage in a pair of stable coins pegged to the same fiat currency. The classic Constant Product Market Maker formula is used for other pairs.Swop.fi stakes a portion of pools’ liquidity, and daily payouts are included in pools, adding another 5–50% APY to liquidity providers' income on top of trading fees. Swop.fi also rewards liquidity providers in SWOP, the protocol's governance token.Swop.fi is based on the Waves blockchain, ensuring that transactions can be added to the blockchain in just a few seconds and the network fee for a smart contract invocation is only 0.005 WAVES (a few cents).

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